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What is executive functioning?

According to Russell Barkley, PhD, executive functioning is a process needed to sustain problem solving directed toward a future goal. Executive functioning processes include the ability to inhibit, resist distraction, be self-aware, utilize working memory, exhibit emotional control, and be self-motivated.

Who could benefit from executive functioning coaching?

Coaching is most effective for students of relatively average capabilities whose problems may fall under a variety of disability categories including ADHD, high functioning autism, and learning disabilities. A student with weak executive skills, but no diagnosed condition, could also benefit.

What is executive functioning coaching?

Executive functioning coaching is a process that establishes a link between long-term goals and the daily behavior needed to achieve those long-term goals. It emphasizes skills such as planning, prioritizing, time management, and organization.

How does a coach help?

Your coach will work with you to proactively plan personalized interventions to help the student (and their parents) overcome obstacles and address weaknesses by providing tools to enhance environmental structure, productivity, scheduling, goal setting, confidence building, and task completion. Use of technology strategies is considered, as appropriate. The goal of coaching is to enhance the student's self-regulated skills so that they are less reliant on others to complete goal-directed tasks. Coaching is not a substitute for traditional treatment for certain disorders. Coaching can be used as a complimentary intervention for therapy, medication, and school-based educational intervention.

Is coaching covered by insurance?

Because coaching is provided by a licensed mental health professional and incorporates psychotherapeutic techniques, claims can be submitted to insurance companies with a psychotherapy procedure code and an appropriate diagnosis code. Coverage will be dependent upon your individual policy.